Our mission is to provide cannabis infused edibles that not only taste great, but fuel enjoyable experiences that our patients can rely on to treat their condition and ease their discomfort. We believe that life is beautiful and full of wonder. Holistic Love invites you to take a break, take a bite and appreciate the world around you in a connected and profound way.

Artisan baking, chocolate, and confection making is the soul of Holistic Love. The best cannabis edibles are more than just delivery mechanisms. They are meant to be savored, whether you are practicing yoga or enjoying a hiking adventure that will allow you to connect with nature. Combine Holistic Love’s experience serving up high-quality, tasty baked goods with THC or CBD to get the best of both worlds. Our THC infused products provide a full-spectrum dose, allowing you to enjoy a complete, balanced experience.

Holistic Love believes in providing edibles that contain ingredients that are good for your body. We use all-natural, sustainable, and locally-sourced ingredients, and our chocolate is fair trade.

Toni Vargas

Toni Vargas, the Founder of Holistic Love, has a long history in edibles manufacturing. Toni brings her industry expertise, reputation and network to Holistic Love.

CEO & Founder

Sally Cervantes

The progressive company reflects not only her passion for serving patients but also her dedication to helping independent small businesses achieve a viable start in the cannabis industry.

Sally knew early on that her calling was to be the voice for those who have none. With her open arms approach, critical thinking, and deep passion about social causes, she uses her visionary instinct to advocate for patient safety, access, and availability of high quality medical cannabis. 

As a cannabis advocate, Sally is an active member of the community who feels it is her fiduciary responsibility to make available resources to local residents while helping remove the negative stigma that currently surrounds the plant.


Cecilia Cervantes

Cecilia Cervantes, the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Sales, is a proven business leader of U.S. and international organizations. She has successfully led multiple business turnarounds, and has demonstrated expertise in developing and executing business performance improvement strategies that deliver exceptional results. Her methodology utilizes a progressive leadership approach with an emphasis on building great teams and high performance cultures that focus on key leverage points for success. She has extensive experience

C.O.O. & Director of Sales

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